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Student Support Teams

Each year group has a team of staff who work together to create open communication links between parents/carers, teaching and support staff and where necessary liaising with outside agencies, enabling students to feel safe, secure and most importantly supported with whatever life throws at them. Our aim is to offer emotional, behavioural and academic support to those who require it, and we are proud of the close working relationship we have with parents and students.

Form Tutors

Parents’ and carers’ first point of contact should be their child’s form tutor.

Year Group Teams

Each year group has a leader of student development and a pastoral support assistant who work with the form tutors. 

Year 7

  • Head of Year: Miss E Martin/Miss J Redford
  • Pastoral Support Assistant: Miss E Eadson

Year 8

  • Head of Year: Mr J Little
  • Pastoral Support Assistant: Mrs J Woodhead

Year 9

  • Head of Year: Mrs C Gregory
  • Pastoral Support Assistant: Mrs N Marshall

Year 10

  • Head of Year: Mr S Benamara
  • Pastoral Support Assistant: Mrs J Cliffe

Year 11

  • Head of Year: Mr P Brennin
  • Pastoral Support Assistant: Miss A Turner

Years 12/13

  • Head of Year: Mrs A Roberts
  • Pastoral Support Assistant: Mrs R Exley

Contacting Student Support Teams

All members of the student support teams can be contacted by:

Please be aware that most staff members will be teaching during the school day and unable to respond instantly.  They may need to return calls at a later time.