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Transition into Sixth Form

We are committed at Eckington to ensure all our Year 12 students feel welcome and well informed when embarking upon their Sixth Form education. We encourage Eckington students as early as Year 7 to have opportunities to communicate and work with our Sixth Form students.

At the end of Year 10, we begin more thorough communications with students to ensure that they make the right decisions for their future post-16. It is crucial that students (with the support of their parents) make the right decisions for them, and therefore choose courses that will help them to secure the future for which they strive. We invite targeted students to participate in a ‘day in the life of a sixth former’ so they get a glimpse/taste of the experience.

Then in Year 11, our students take part in a sixth form taster week where they attend sixth form lessons in the subjects in which they are interested in before submitting their applications.

In June, once students have finished their GCSE exams we invite all students – regardless of the school they currently attend - that have applied to our sixth form to two induction days where students have the opportunity to meet staff, attend lessons and get to know other students.

Bridging work

For those of you who are joining us in September, we are looking forward to welcoming you.  In the meantime, bridging work is available via the link below.

You will be sent the password required to access the material.