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School Day

Daily timetable

8:30am                   Students must be on school premises.

8:40am                   School begins - Registration in form rooms.

9:00am                   Lesson 1

10:00am                Lesson 2

11:00am                Morning Break

11:20am                Lesson 3

12:20pm                Lesson 4

1:20pm                   Lunch break

2:00pm                   Lesson 5

3:00pm                   Home time

3:00 - 3:30pm      Buses arrive and depart

School opening hours

  • School is open to students from 8.00am.
  • Compulsory times that students should be in school are 8:30am – 3.00pm.
  • The total weekly time for which students should be in school is 32 hours 30 minutes.