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Safeguarding is the underpinning ethos of Eckington School. We are committed to educating our students and their parents and carers on how to stay safe in all aspects of our community and the ever-changing culture they face.

We recognise that in today's society our young people are growing up in a more challenging and unpredictable environment which can have additional dangers that may not be readily noticeable. For example, the growing concerns around social media, online grooming and grooming in general, gangs, weapons, sexualised behaviour and exploitation of young people, a rise in the viewing of pornography and its negative impact on relationships, as well as the radical views of extremists. Safeguarding covers much more than the few listed and further on you will see the knowledge we aim to instil and the interventions and support we offer. We also pride ourselves on our strong community links and our positive relationships with external agencies.

To ensure our young people are equipped in recognising safeguarding concerns and how best to manage these concerns, education around these issues is delivered each academic year with specific events calendared in.

Who to talk to

Remember: there is always someone you can talk to, everyone has a right to be safe.

If you want to speak to someone about any concerns you have for yourself or a child you know, then please contact our safeguarding team:

  • Mrs Laura Moor: Designated Safeguarding Lead.
  • Mr Chris Power: Designated Safeguarding Deputy.
  • Mrs Katherine Needham: Designated Safeguarding Deputy (Sixth Form).
  • Mrs Elly Pearce-Brown: Safeguarding Manager.
  • Mrs Katie Anderson: Director of Safeguarding and Inclusion, Chorus Education Trust.

Members of our safeguarding team can be contacted at school:

If you cannot contact a team member during school hours, please call school reception on 01246 432849, and they will find the right person for you to talk to.